About Me

I grew up with punk music in the late seventies and my love of the music has never faded; nor has the DIY ethic which was the foundation of the early punk culture. 2016 witnessed the 40th anniversary of the birth of punk music in the UK and many of my pieces represent my own small take on this event.    

My technique includes a combination of collage, stencil and gel transfer with acrylic and ink mediums. Many of my pieces include layers of original and relevant cuttings from vintage music press and film publications. The process includes the building of multiple layers while at each one sanding, scraping and scratching to reveal parts of the layers underneath. The pieces are finished in either matt or gloss acrylic varnish or resin.

Artistic influences include Robert Rauschenberg, Kurt Schwitters, and Jasper Johns, album cover artists such as Jamie Reid and Barney Bubbles, and contemporary artists such as Robert Mars, Jeremy Penn and Mittenimwald.

Paintings can be purchased via www.77art.co.uk or by contacting me personally.

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